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Fabric Development
We offer fabric development and technical advice for any textile application you may have. Our experience allows us to offer fast and effective solutions that help maximise your success in the market.

Bespoke production
Because of our diverse production options we can offer a wide range of fabrics. Just let us know what you are looking for and we tell you what we can do.

Our in-house testing facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified and we test all stages of development and production quickly and efficiently, which speeds up production processes and delivery times.

We test to ISO, EN and other standards and provide full test reports with all our deliveries if required.

Our testing facilities include:
- Weight to ISO 7211 DIN EN 12127 and ISO 3801
- Hydrostatic head to ISO 811 and DIN EN 20811
- Tensile strength to ISO 5081, EN ISO 13934-1 and DIN EN ISO 1421
- Tear test to ISO 13937-2, ISO 4674-1, DIN 53356, DIN 53859-5 and various BS standards
- Oil repellency to AATCC 118-1992 and ISO 14419
- Burn tests to ISO 4941, ISO 4940, EN1102, DIN 53438-5 and many other

On top of that we constantly develop new and modify existing tests to better reflect individual circumstances to ensure the fabric we supply meets your expectations.